Textify - Privacy policy & Terms of use


Personal Information is data which relate to a specific identifiable person.
Nonpersonal Information is data which does not relate to a specific person.

Textify app & Privacy

Absolutely no personal data is collected in Textify app. The OCR process happens on your device and the data stays on your device.

Cloud upload (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive,...) - iOS only

Should the user configure access to a Cloud file provider for automatic upload, then Textify would require access in order to be able:

  • to present the list of folders for the user to choose the destination path for automatic upload
  • to write the files in the selected folder
Nothing else is used, absolutely no data is collected.

Google Drive (iOS only)

Textify complies with the Google API Services User Data Policy: Textify only uses what is stricly necessary to provide the default save location feature. In other words, access to Google Drive is necessary should the user need to configure his Google Drive as default save location in Textify. The use of data is stricly limited to provide this feature.

  • Drive Read access: for the user to browse through the folders and to pick one as default save location
  • Drive Write access: for the app to save files to the user-configured default save location
  • User data: Nothing is used/stored by the app
The only thing the app will store, is the path to the default save location within the user Google Drive. Otherwise, absolutely no data is stored nor collected.

Textify PRO - Terms of use

The lifetime licence gives the user a premium access for life. Should the user replace or erase the device on which he uses Textify, the licence - and consequently the premium access - can be restored directly from within the app.

The periodic subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled in user's iTunes account at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The subscription cannot be cancelled for the current period once activated. The auto-renewal can be turned off at anytime in user's iTunes account, without removing user's access to the premium version until the end of the on-going period. Should the user replace or erase the device on which he uses Textify, the subscription - and consequently the premium access - can be restored if still within the subscription valid timeframe.